Join us april 24th 7 PM on the steps of the Blandijn
You can submit your photos right here!



or is it too late to do the meetup?

What we’re going to do: a bit like last year? eat something? and then go and have a drink or go to someone’s kot.

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The Great Cumberlord Meetup


Hi everyone!

I’m Catherine, and I’m organizing next weeks Tumblr meet-up in Ghent!
Here are a couple of things you should know:

So we’re meeting up at 5 PM at the Kinepolis to get to know each other and then we’ll go watch Parade’s End together (for those who have a ticket).
If you arrive after 5PM, make sure you have a buddy who has your phone number that is already there (I can be that buddy if I have to :p) so they can let you know where we are (probably on de boot? I don’t know).

Every post I make about this will be tagged “The Great Cumberlord Meetup”. That means that if you’re not interested in the things I post, don’t feel any pressure to follow me, just track the tag :)

There will be an official meet-up page where you can confirm if you’ll be there soon, but apparently that takes some time.

Reblog to spread the word :D

Catherine set up this niffy meetup on thursday! Whoo, come join us! :D

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24/04/2012 Ghent tumblr meet-up

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24/04/2012 Ghent tumblr meet-up

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Ben ik een banaan?

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Url + pottermore list

Here’s a list of all the urls of everyone who was present at the meetup!

fortheloveofnargles (NightPatronus11278)
gretchenwienerdogs (AvisPumpkin197)
catchingfiendfyrecauseyolo (leviosagalleon1829)
fictionalred (skyoak203)
zwadderich (vinerain43)
alohomorapeetaslegs (leviosakey39)
niphredil (bronzerose212)
bvgrambe (seerstone6387)
 onedoesnotsimplypanicatthedisco (witchsnidget9229)

aharrypotterheart (charmdraconis8724)
stuckinbooks (scarletfang115)
oh-my-plimpy (moonchaser131)
ishbeth (wombatmahogany14039)
nayatrollvera (nightskull186)
glasgows (willowcauldron172)
gleekipedia (moonstonethorn2045)
prettylittlebrittanas (queenvine11244)

it was great meeting you all!

Sarah & Margaux

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"Zijn het puisten?"

The meetup was amazing, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that I had a wonderfull time! 
I’ll get the url-list up tomorrow, don’t worry!

Good night, and hope to see you again soon!
*hint hint nudge nudge cough someone should organise one soon cough*

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Guys! The meetup is tomorrow! The meetup is tomorrow! Eeeeeeeh, so excited! 

Anyway, don’t forget to bring your awesomeness and if possible, your camera ^^
Can’t wait to meet you all!


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Sarah and I were just at the Bleusette, to change our reservation of 20 people to about 30 people, and apparently it’s not possible to make reservations for so many people if everybody just orders drinks…

Please reply if you would like to eat there, I’ll make it so you can leave an answer on this post. We’ll also try to send everyone a personal message in their ask box.
I don’t think it’s too expensive since it’s more of a café/restaurant. 
Since we ourselves have class till quarter to seven, we will probably eat something anyway.

If the weather wasn’t so bad as it has been for the past two weeks, we could’ve just hung out on the St. Pietersplein, but if we have too few people that would like to eat, we might need to look for another place…


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EEP! The meetup is in a WEEK!

I hope you’re all as excited as we are!
Please rsvp if you haven’t yet, link is on the side (the map icon).
7pm at the Blandijn, don’t forget!


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